We are a highly motivated team of specialists who strive to understand and meet your relaxation needs. Our work would not be made possible without our incredible team, who collaborate together to make each client feel unique and pampered just how they should be. We are waiting to treat you — book your appointment today.


LIC# MA 00020184

Massage Therapist & Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

Massage has always been a part of my life.  It wasn’t until I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor in Exercise and Movement Science that I considered to make a career out of massage. Since 2004 I have been working as a massage therapist to help facilitate and promote a holistic approach to healing.

I believe that every pain, injury or ailment is individual to the specific person.  That is why I gear my massage toward each client to help with optimal relief.  I use a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports,  Abdominal, Polarity, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stone, Manual Lymph Drainage and Oncology massage.  I am dedicated to continuing education to further my knowledge of the body and ever growing massage techniques.


LIC# MA 00020031

Massage Therapist

My goal is to help clients pursue a healthy, pain-free/stress-free, and well-balanced life. I specialize in therapeutic deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and on-site chair massage. As a graduate from Integrative Therapy School in Sacramento, CA and Brenneke School of Massage Therapy in Seattle, WA, I have years of experience.

Making massage a routine in your life will reduce stress, increase energy, minimize sleeplessness, center your mind and encourage overall good health. 

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Facial and Waxing Expert
Lic# 65307

Becoming an Esthetician was a great decision!  This career has taught me so much about people and myself.  I finished the Esthetic course in 2004. I have always loved all things in the beauty industry and happened upon the career change after working in various clerical/administrative & customer service jobs.  I attended an open house at a Dermatologists practice and the Esthetician spoke of the various skincare and waxing services she provided.  I really felt as though that would be a wonderful career.  I was right!  I enjoy it so much more than I had imagined.  I love learning and this field is definitely fast paced with new advancements all the time with skincare.  It is important for me to provide excellent service, educate and become a trusted adviser with all the people I meet and have the privilege to work with.
I have a strong passion for my career, it is so rewarding because of the clients that entrust their personal care needs with me.  I will always give my utmost attention to detail and listen to each clients request to meet the goal of the beautiful eyebrow design or hair free legs.  I am very meticulous and it is my goal to exceed each persons expectation.
You will be welcomed by me and can be assured I will give my very best service at each visit.  I approach each service with care and expertise including great conversation!  With me, the focus is you, with all that you do for others, this time is yours.

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Therapy Dog

Franklin is specifically trained to enhance your overall experience. Whether it's cuddles, play, comfort pets during the massage or just listening to his calm breathing, Franklin will help you reach another level of relaxation and calm. He has experience with all ages and health concerns.

Franklin is in the office on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, but has the potential to be in the office on any given day.