We are excited to announce a new Team format. Spa Phoebe now includes independent practitioners running their own business's within our relaxing and welcoming setting. To learn more about our individual team members visit the Team Page to see their Bio's.

We are currently welcoming Shannon Harris to the Spa Phoebe's team. She recently graduated from North West Academy from the Healing Arts right here in West Seattle. She has availability Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

If you are unable to find an appointment with any of our practitioners you can add yourself to our wait list by clicking the link below. **Note: You'll need to book directly with our independent practitioners as they are not on our online booking system, but you can still ask for them on our wait list.**

Due to COVID-19 we are taking extra precautions under the Government, CDC and DOH guidelines. Our staff has been fully vaccinated and trained in all the new protocols, but we also want to acknowledge that NO activity is without risk during this pandemic. Scroll down to learn more about our COVID protocols and what you can expect during your visit.



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I am a licensed massage therapist in West Seattle focused on providing nurturing support to clients so they can feel great in their bodies and live satisfying lives. In my practice, I provide relaxation massages so that people are able to feel good and are inspired to take good care of themselves. When needed, I treat acute and chronic conditions with manual therapy. I enjoy working with clients over time to help them achieve their wellness goals. While we cannot force healing to happen, we can create the conditions under which healing occurs. Massage calms the body, creates openness, and restores circulation and movement so that the body’s inherent healing capabilities flow.

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What to expect when arriving for your appointment:

  • Reschedule your appointment if you are actively coughing, sneezing, have had a fever in the past 72 hours, have loss of taste or smell or have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days. We also ask you to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you're experiencing any cold or flu symptoms.  You can cancel online via your Acuity confirmation email. If you have any difficulty with this you can leave a message at 206-485-7449 or send an email to SpaPhoebe17@gmail.com. There will be NO charge/fee for a cancellation due to illness or family emergency.

  • Wait in your car or outside Spa Phoebe until your service provider calls or texts you to have you enter.

  • Put your face mask on before entering the Spa.

  • Depending on your health questions your service provider may decide to take your temperature with a non-touch thermometer.

  • You will be asked to either sanitize or wash your hands before your service.

  • All payments are to be done in advance, online. If you'd like to tip your service provider directly, you can Venmo them or bring exact cash. Other arrangements can be made if this does not work for you, contact SpaPhoebe17@gmail.com for other solutions.

  • Franklin the Therapy Dog will still be working at the Spa Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays.


We look forward to helping you re-establish a self-care routine and as always Spa Phoebe is here to be "Your Escape to Wellness & Relaxation".



Stone Tower


Swedish/Deep Tissue/Treatment
Hot Stone
Cupping Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage

Treating with Acupuncture


with John Van Hoy

Crashing Waves


Salt Scrubs
Body Wraps & Masques
Infrared Bio Mat



What Our Guests Are Saying


"Thanks, Phoebe: my body and spirit felt so very relaxed and nourished after the appt. Thank you!"

Anne P.


"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit which was due all in large to Elise!

She made me feel comfortable by her level of professionalism and warm demeanor. As soon as I entered she was extremely thorough in making sure I had everything I needed and at no point did I ever feel rushed or awkward. This was very relieving to me because as a guy I usually already feel out of place receiving such services but am still strongly encouraged to do so by my profession.

Elise talked through everything she was doing as she was doing it, which left no surprises and made me feel extremely at ease. I really appreciated that aspect of communication and haven't received something quite like that in other locations.

Thank you guys for being awesome"


Cliffs and Ocean

"My recent experience with Ardena was amazing! She was very nice and thoughtful. At the beginning of the appointment, after I explained where I had a lot of tension, she walked through what her plan was and asked if I was okay with cupping. I love cupping so this was a pleasant surprise! Throughout the massage she continued to ask how the pressure was and before using anything extra (heating pad, hot towel, hot stones) which I really appreciated. My massage was great and very relaxing. The whole space was clean and calming. The massage table was comfortable and the down comforter was extra cozy. At the end of my massage the glass of water, orange and chocolate were a very thoughtful touch. I will definitely be booking with Ardena again. Thank you!"



"I had been interested in trying Lymphatic Massage, since my doctor recommended it not long ago, and I'm so glad I found Phoebe on the internet. She is very professional but also personable, and she clearly knows what she is doing with this. It is a very gentle technique, but at the end I felt like I had had a deep massage, and I floated home to have the best sleep yet. It was truly a transportive experience, and I only wish I lived closer so I could do it again with Phoebe. She starts the appointment off with a  foot bath, so by the time I got on her table I was already much more relaxed than when I arrived."


Sand Storm

"Phoebe says that she loves her work as a massage therapist.  This becomes really obvious once you have booked a session and  experienced for yourself.    She very clearly knows what she is doing and is so gracious in the way that she does it.  She establishes a personal connection and has a genuine desire to know what her client's needs might be and how she can make a difference.  
I recommend Phoebe without hesitation as I know her to be one of the best health professionals I have met and she is also a wonderful person.  And if you like to talk about football, then she's your therapist."



"In January of 2014 I twisted my back and x-rays revealed 4 fractured vertebrae in my lower back and a curved spine (Scoliosis). My high level of pain resulted in a stay in a nursing home and I required a lot of physical therapy just to be able to walk with a walker. I had a major organ transplant (Liver) in April of 2014 and discovered (due to medical complications of my disease) that I had lost a significant amount of calcium from my bones. My Scoliosis was worse, I was in a lot of pain and an operation on my back was not an option. In August of 2014, after a long chat with my doctor, more physiotherapy, and trying various other pain remedies, I discovered Phoebe. I remember on my first visit I couldn’t even lay face down on the table, my spine wouldn’t allow it; I could only lay on my side with my legs tucked under me in the fetal position. It took me over a year of monthly sessions before my spine would loosen up and I could finally stretch out and lay face down, but I finally succeeded. Since then, I’ve gone to Phoebe regularly, once a month and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. She is committed to improving my health and well-being through an amazing physical massage experience. It has really worked! And the results have been astounding. After almost 4 years of monthly sessions I walk away each time feeling invigorated and knowing that my quality of life has, and still is, getting better and better. I really believe in Phoebe and my history with her has proven she is a dedicated and successful professional. She brings her service dog (Franklin, a young yellow Lab) to the office every Friday and I make sure my appointments are scheduled for those days. As a dog person, Franklin is a master of making me feel welcome, comfortable and makes my visits much more enjoyable. I would recommend Phoebe without hesitation as a message therapist with the skill and ability to understand a person’s physical problem, address it, then improve their condition. Her demeanor and interaction with me have always been extremely professional and the whole ‘Phoebe Experience’ has made my visits something I always look forward to and a pleasure to attend (especially if Franklin is there)."



"Phoebe has been my massage therapist for approximately 10 years. I started seeing her on a regular basis for my scoliosis (I have a 70% curvature of the spine). I also have osteoarthritis in my shoulder that benefits from Phoebe’s massage therapy. Phoebe is exceptionally skilled at her craft and is directly instrumental for improving my quality of life. She is a caring and compassionate person who provides a relaxing, comfortable and calm atmosphere that perfectly enhances the total experience. I always look forward to my next monthly appointment, and I highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who would like as much or as little as their specific needs require."

Karen P.

Clownfish in Aquarium

The facial was fantastic. My skin looks amazing. I can’t wait to get another one in the Winter. Kim was great. I liked that she explained the products and the process. I love how my skin feels and looks. 

Kim is also great at listening to her clients and giving them perfect brows.

Thank you

Rosa W.

Fish in Aquarium

The appointment was awesome. Kim is an artist. She’s very professional and she does an amazing job. 
We can’t wait for her to start doing facials.


Sea Sponges

Visited this new local spa and am in LOVE. The atmosphere was beautiful, relaxing, and professional.
I made an appt with Kim H (brow genius) to have my eyebrows waxed and she went above and BEYOND. She was gentle with the process and highly considerate of my needs. I always have trouble filling in and shaping my brows and Kim was patient and kind and showed me how to get them just right for my face shape. In addition to leaving with perfect brows, I left with the knowledge to achieve the look myself and that’s something any client can truly appreciate. The sweet service dog the spa has was a MAJOR plus as well!
I will 110% be returning here for all my spa needs going forward. Feeling very lucky to have found such a great place so close to home! Two thumbs up ladies!


Swedish Massage


Spa Phoebe is open every day of the week by Appointment Only. Online booking is available.